Pre-Text in stores now, The Bins’ next EP to drop Fri. the 13th

Hey everyone!  It’s long past time for an update, I know…  but I got some great news today that I wanted to share.  Pre-Text, my debut album has been chosen for distribution in stores across the pacific northwest!   The Independent Distribution Collective or IDC, has put together its initial list below of stores that have taken on the title so far.  Please do everything you can to blast this information out to fans that you think you might know there.  Thanks!

Silver Platters – 3 Stores – Seattle, WA
Music Millennium – 1 Store – Portland, OR
Independent Records – 8 Stores – Colorado
Synergy – One-Stop Distributor (AEC, Amazon, and more…)

Also, the new The Bins album Every Second of the Night is due out this Friday, April 13th! Yes, Friday the 13th.  It’s in honor of the darker nature of the follow up EP vs. the first’s (Every Minute of the Day) happier tone set last year.   This will be out here on Walternerative Music  & 1320‘s already run a couple of features on the samples comprising the record, Volume 1 & Volume 2.  Enjoy a preview of Suerte here:

I’m rocking guitar on this one – I’m pretty stoked off it.  Deader flipped it on it’s ear though! Dude’s for real.

Already working on the next album, and hopefully there will be tours in the works soon too!  Thanks again for all the support.

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