Books & Bear – Covers for Lovers

Erin’s Oma was speechless. When she realized that the music she’d been listening to was her grandaughter singing, she started to cry.

Beautiful couple Reid Griggs (guitar) and Erin Nieuwenhuijis (vocals), had the wonderful idea to do a cover EP of classic rock, soul tunes as a gift for friends and family for Christmas, and they really outdid themselves.

With support from Adam Walter on saxophones, keys, and bass, and fellow Walternative Music artist Gabriel Soriano, the project’s mellow R&B vibe really hits on tracks like Axis, Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix.

Music trivia / plug here: Don’t Go!, a track off The Bins’ Every Minute of the Day recently chosen for 1320 records’ Volume 3 compilation, actually features Griggs, who plays slide guitar solo. And Soriano, also part of The Bins rotating clan for live shows, definitely is the icing on the cake on Like a Star.

With a soulful delivery and captivating melodic lines from Nieuwenhuijis, the Covers for Lovers album feels like a bedroom whisper – a pillow talk secret that if you’re lucky enough to hear, it’ll give you that same tingling sensation…

Available for free download / sliding scale donation at, the final cut Strangers, leaves you singing its haunting hook:

“Strangers on this road we are on, we are not two, we are one…”



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