Adam Walter drops solo album Pre-Text Feb. 11, The Bins launch Kickstarter to finish Every Second of the Night

Well the start of a new Lunar new year has brought many new things already!

Adam Walter’s debut full length album Pre-Text is available now online here, on bandcamp, soundcloud, rootmusic, and reverbnation.  Pick it up today for free / donation and check out the modern jazz fusion sound years in the making.

From funky organ, ripping guitar, syncopated clav, to beatboxed flute and super high sax lines, this record has something for everyone.  Odd times, like the Neo Funk Groove #1, yet somehow seem to not loose the casual listener.

While Walter has been busy wrapping up the album art, mixing and mastering, fellow Bins collaborator Clark Barclay (aka Fat Clark) has been diligently slaving away in the lab to finish the next album, follow up EP Every Second of the Night.

Dubbed Every Minute of the Day’s “evil twin,” the album will feature a slightly darker vibe compared to the first, although many of the songs were written at the same time as EMOD.  The Bins have launched a Kickstarter to help fundraise for the EP’s release, as they have made many sacrifices recently to focus more on the music, and having been paying for it.  Watch the video here:

Download Pre-Text, and donate to the cause today and you can be a part of making the next record happen!  Thanks for all the support as always.


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